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NBR: Darn my MIL

I'm a book hound, and was perfectly fine with the traditional paper versions of things until my MIL showed up a few weeks ago with a Kindle, extolling all its virtues. My interest was piqued, but told myself I wouldn't think about getting one until at least me next birthday. The more I've been reading about it, the more I want one, but it's just not in the budget right now. So, I have 11 1/2 months until I can consider getting one, and only hope that the price comes down by then so I will know it was worth the wait.


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Re: NBR: Darn my MIL

  • ok well explain the appeal to me...they look cool but I havent explored owning one although I love reading..
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  • I'd love one for middle of the night feedings!
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  • The main thing I like about it is that you don't have books laying around once you are done reading them. It can store 1500 books at a time, and all your books are backed up on Amazon if you want to take one off and put it back later. The prices are really good - $9.99 for new books, compared to the $20+ you'd spend on hardcovers. Plus, it has a read-to-me feature that speaks the book, so you can listen to it like an audio book. You can download books from anywhere in the world, which is good if you're on vacation and need something new to read. You don't need a wi-fi signal to download, just a 3G, which you can get just about anywhere. It's really thin, so it doesn't take up much room at all in your bag...

    The only thing I wish it could do is allow you to share books. Barnes and Noble's Nook allows this. Maybe in another year the Kindle will do this, too.

  • My FIL tried out a Kindle for a few days, it was SO COOL.  The screen is really easy to read, and it is super thin.

    I can't afford either a Kindle or a Nook, but I want a Nook because of the ability to share books.  I'm in a book club, and we could have one person buy the book each month and then just share it with each other.

  • why not get the nook?
  • imageTelyco:
    why not get the nook?

    I like it, too, but so far don't know anyone that has one so I could share books. If I had the Kindle, I'd be able to share with MIL. IDK - like I said, I have lots of time to see how everything plays out, so maybe one of them will emerge as the strongest candidate, helping to make it easier for me to decide.

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