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Do you guys ever get friend requests from someone that has no mutual friends?  The person seems normal (not like an online prostitute haha) but no mutual friends.  Do you just ignore them?  I wasn't sure if this was some type of virus.

Re: Facebook Q

  • I don't friend anyone who I don't recognize. Probably better just to ignore the person. If you do see later that there are mutual friends, you can always ask one of your "friends" how they know that person.
  • I ignore them, I am not on FB to make new friends! hehe
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  • I ignore it unless I know the name and maybe they JUST got on Facebook, therefore no mutual friends.  I do have one person who keeps requesting, no idea who they are, no mutual friends.  So strange...
  • Ya, I am sure I don't know her.  But I was just wondering how she even found me I guess.  Although I do have a common last name.
  • I some times get random friend request but I dont friend them unless I know them...
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