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Newbie question about OPKs

I know that blue dye HPTs are known for false positives, but does anyone know about blue dye OPKs?

The first month I was taking OPKs I used pink dye FR OPKs and didn't get a positive. 

Then for the next five months I used Clear Blue Easy OPKs and always had a line (mostly faint) and each month I got a positive.

This month I'm back to FR OPKs, I'm on CD20 and I still haven't had a positive (and have barely had lines).

I know it's a stupid question, but do you get evap lines on OPKs???

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Re: Newbie question about OPKs

  • I have used the CBE ones a few times and I also always had a line but it was always very clear when it was actually +.   So from my experience they were reliable in predicting O.  (+ lined up with my temp confirmation)
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