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We just got Skype. We live about 3 hours from my family, and my sister just had a baby several weeks ago. It's been killllllllllling me, not getting to see my new nephew! We both decided to get it set up this afternoon, and I was able to Skype with my sister, her husband, and my nephew! So excited about this!! It makes it so much easier, getting to actually see their faces.

How many of you Skype?

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Re: Skype

  • I use gmail video chat & I love it! I travel for my job & it's quite difficult being away from DH at times... the video chatting helps A LOT. I really feel much less homesick when I can video chat him. :)


  • We Skype my FIL and his wife. I like it.
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  • I Skype.  That is how DH and  I basically dated.  We were in two different states while we dated and had skype dates. 

    All the teachers at my school have skype on our laptops and we message each other all the time during class. 

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  • I just got set up this week too and I've been chatting with my family. It's great because I'm not much of a phone talker, but I do like to skype, it seems more personal. I talked to my Dad forever...which is unusal for both of us.
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  • DH and I had a long distance relationship (Oklahoma-Germany) for 9 months and only saw each other once during this time. We skyped every single night for at least 2 hours and I think it would have been very tough without it!
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    DH was deployed for a year and Skype was amazing.  Love it!!!

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