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Thank you for your words of wisdom of when I might have O'ed. I cheated and messed with FF if I place fake numbers for the next 3-4 days it will tell me that I have O'ed on day 24. Of course I know it does not mean anything but hey it was just for the fun of it.
Cherish yesterday, Live today and always Dream for tomorrow!?

Re: Mrs.Monica

  • you're welcome.  As a fellow late O'er I know it's possible to have O'ed that late.  The month I got my BFP with my DS I didn't O until CD25.  Keep your chin up and I think it's definitely possible. I feel like sometimes the anovulatory cycle bandwagon gets a-going when people ask if they O'ed if there is no clear O time.  Keep me posted and hang in there!  :):)
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