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Does your LO stare at the camera? This always cracks me up, he is sitting in his crib just starring up at me/the camera! The green light on it must be fun to stare at, or maybe he is just really smart and knows I am watching!

Re: video monitor users

  • YES! Once, for some reason I clicked on the monitor when I thought he was asleep, just to check...and he was standing so close to it his head filled up a lot of the screen and I almost jumped out of my seat!!
  • This is so funny that you posted this.  We used to position Evan in the crib so that his head was up by the dresser (where the camera is).  By morning, he would always be facing the other way.  So, we thought we would try him the other way to see what he did, and he did not move and has not , he must have been trying to see the green light (now he is facing it). 
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  • Haha that is hilarious.  She hasn't yet, but maybe in the next couple months or so!

  • YES!!!Hhahaaha I'm laughing just thinking about this, because T does it all the time! If you've ever looked into the camera there's red and black kind of funky looking and then of course the green light on it.
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