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Beach vacationers come in....

Did your LO sleep well while on a beach vacation?  Our family rents a beach house every year in NC and this will be DD second year to go.  Last year she was about 7 months old and did quite well with sleeping.  This year I am hoping with all the aunts and uncles to entertain her and running around in the sand she'll konk out pretty easy at night.

Re: Beach vacationers come in....

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    Mine was 8 months at the time and she was great. We weren't stuck in the room at all during nap times. She slept right in her beach tent or in the stroller. When she was sleeping we took turns swimming. She slept good at night too. I took extra padding for the hotel crib. 
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    We went to Key West when DD was almost 12 months and she slept amazingly. The sun, sand and swimming wore her out.
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    Thanks, ladies!  I am planning on renting a full size crib for DD and I'm going to bring her own sheets and even her crib bumpers to make it feel more like home.

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    We are going when DD will be 23 months. I am pretty sure that she will konk out every night/day!

    She went when she was 7 months old as well, and napped well, for the most part. Nights were ok too, but at the time she was a terrible sleeper! 

    I will also be dropping the $60 for a full size crib. Small price to pay for comfort for her. Not sure a pack n play will cut it for 7 days and nights. 

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    DD does great as long as she has her own room and bed. She's never been a bed sharer(not that I wanted that anyway) so we have to have a seperate space for her. She's been to the beach with us for the past two years, last year she was just over a year and she did really well.
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