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It's not magic

I keep hoping there is some magical way to get DS to sleep on his own.  I read, yet another sleep book, this time by Dr. Jay Gordon.  I borrowed it this time, cause I've spent way too much money on sleep books!  And I've concluded that there is no magical way to get DS to sleep by himself. 

The more I read though, the more I am determined to not let DS CIO.  So I've gotten used to wearing him for naps.  And fortunately, with the BECO, I can actually sit down and he won't wake up.  Although if I sit, he only naps for 30-45 minutes, whereas if I stand, he'll sleep 2 hours!  

And we bedshare, so night sleep is decent.  Although he still prefers to sleep with me holding him vs lying next to me.  I feel bad for DH, cause we rarely get to have sex cause I'm holding DS almost all the time.  How do we get around this?

Anyways.  So I guess it's just a lot of hard work and patience.  I do like hearing successful sleep stories!  So share if you have any!

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Re: It's not magic

  • I am so with you on not letting my son CIO. We are working on getting rid of his nighttime bottle, then I will tackle getting him to sleep on his own. But I did bed share with my son till he was 5 months and DH said enough was enough. It was hard but I just rocked my son to sleep and put him in his bed. Every time he woke up I rocked him and put him back. It was really hard at first cause he was waking up every 2 -3 hours but after a month or so he started sleeping by himself longer and longer
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  • I used to hold DD for all of her naps.  Around 4 months or so, I started "napping" with DD.  I would nurse her down for her nap and stay lying next to her in bed.  When she would stir around the 45 minute mark, I would nurse her down again.  She would sleep for around 1.5 to 2 hours this way.  Eventually, she would stay asleep through the 45 minute mark and I could get out of the room.  If you don't nurse, maybe you could pat, rub, rock or wear her down.  Then crawl into bed?  It works for bedtime for you guys, maybe it will work for naps?  HTH. 

    Also- we later removed the such to sleep association and she sleeps great for naps and fine at night.  None of this involved CIO.

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  • Nothings magic, not even CIO. We did a modified ferber with DS but good sleeping habits don't develop overnight.
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