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So since i posted about it...

And Eve is Eve..

She is eating like a champion today.. 

For breakfast she ate two french toast sticks and a good sized portion of oatmeal mixed with apple juice..

For lunch, she ate maybe a 1/2 cup or a little less of mandarin oranges, and almost a whole turkey hot dog, and a good bit of mac and cheese AND some of my corn muffin.

Now I just need to get some veggies in her.. She is going to MILs tonight.. I am not sending any food.. I am going to tell her to feed her whatever she makes for dinner, but I KNOW she will feed her 2 jars of baby food.. Oh well.. I have decided i"m not buying any more for my house.. and she'll learn to deal.. but if she has it at her house.. no biggy.

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Re: So since i posted about it...

  • well glad she's eating for you...and maybe she is just going through a phase of adjustment with the table food...


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  • That definitely sounds like some good eating. Ian goes in spurts lately. He'll eat like a champ one day, almost nothing the next. As long as you keep putting good choices in front of her, she'll take what she needs. Hope this is a sign of good things to come.

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  • i saw your food post but didn't get a chance to respond. i totally feel your pain

    lately michael has not been the good eater he was, and i think we're both frustrated. i think he wants to feed himself but he can only gum so much, it takes him forever to eat the smallest piece of anything (except puffs of course) and he's refusing the 3rd stage foods. i hate to go back to 2nd stage but he needs to eat!

    glad to hear that she ate better for you and i don't think a couple of jars of baby food here & there won't hurt. keep us posted on her progress

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