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Yay! I just ordered a Scootababy!

and I am so excited. I hope my kiddo loves it. We've tried at least 4 other carriers so far...

Re: Yay! I just ordered a Scootababy!

  • I never post, but I wanted to say that I have a scootababy.  I really like it.  DS is 13 months and does great.  He'll even fall asleep in it.  I like that he has the option to snuggle in close or look out at the world around him.  I wasn't crazy about it in the beginning.  I think because he wanted to be held constantly and it wasn't really helpful in getting things done around the house.  It's great when I'm out running errands or otherwise out and about.  Hope your baby loves it!
  • Thanks, Marlee! I'm so excited. We haven't had much luck with other carriers, but I feel hopeful that this is the one. Lucky #5... :)
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  • We started using it at 9 months old.  Our son came to our family through adoption at that age.  We toured and travelled Seoul Korea for 5 days with the Scootababy.  I hope this carrier is the winning one!  
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