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NTR: Clicky, Tipping Car-Side

If you use a restaurant car side service, like Applebees, how much do you tip? 

FYI:  Car side = you order via phone and the server brings your order out to your car.


Re: NTR: Clicky, Tipping Car-Side

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    FYI, the people who run your food out (for carryout or carside) have to put the food in takeout containers, put in the napkins/plastic silverware/sauce packets, put it in bags, print your ticket and run your payment.  So they may do less than a regular server, but they still put forth some effort for you and may depend on tips just like a server does.  I tip a dollar or two.
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    Very true! I work part-time as a bartender at applebees and they do rely on tips for their money. They make a dollar or two more than servers per hour but its still not minimum wage. And they have to claim that they made 10 percent of their sales as tips at the end of their shift. Here in Virginia they only make 3.50 an hour and sometimes are alot busier than servers. They do more work too in my opinion.
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