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Hillsboro 24 Hour Fitness-Day Care

Has anyone used the Day Care at Hillsboro's 24 Hour Fitness?  (or any other 24 hour fitness?)  I REALLY miss the gym and would like to get back in to work out, but the only way to do so is to take LO there.  He is 8 months old, and just starting to army crawl.  I'm wondering if this is too soon (they say you can take them at 6 months) and if he'd get any attention or just be expected to sit in his car seat the whole time.  Should I wait until he is walking/running around a year and a half old?  Any thoughts or experiences would be MOST appreciated!

Re: Hillsboro 24 Hour Fitness-Day Care

  • Hello - I'm probably the best person to answer this :)  I used to work at the Kids Club at 24 HR Fitness! I worked at the Twin Oaks one full time but I did work at the Hillsboro one a few times.

     Be rest assured your son will not be left in his car seat. 8 months is not too early. The Hillsboro gym has a play structure IN the room (the twin oaks one was in a different room) so most of the time the big kids are on the structure or watching tv (which is not always on) and its a HUGE room. Your son will be safe. They also have cameras in there so if anything were to happen, there is a camera to prove what really happened.

     Hope this helps! Oh and if I remember right it was $2.50 for 2 hours and $2 for 1.5 hrs. Maybe it was 3 and 2.50 I cant remember, but you can buy a $40 punch card at it has 20 visits on it and you save lots of money. They never expire and every block of time is 2 hours :) And, you have to change your son's diaper so keep an ear peeled for them to page you. That's the one thing I like about the gym - nobody should be inappropriately touching your child, cause you are the only one who can change his diaper. And that goes for older kids too. They can't have help in the bathroom.

     Again - hope this helps! 

  • Thank you SO much for your response!  It really does help.  What will they do with my son durring the time he is in there then, since he can't really climb/run/play with other kids?
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  • Sorry for my late response. There are toys that your DS can play with. They may also (ours did) have a saucer or bouncer that he can stand/lay in. Don't worry. They have toys and things to accommodate a little one. And if the employees are anything like I was, they'll love him in there and he'll steal everyone's attention from the bigger kids :)
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