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my lo came home from daycare yesterday with a fever of 100.6. gave motrin last night and this morning temp was 101. gave tylenol, but not sure if i should call the dr. line if he has no other symptoms other than crabbiness. any thoughts?

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    It could be teething or roseola. If I remember correctly DD had a fever for about three days before the roseola came out.
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    My son had this last week with no other symptoms except one instance of diarrhea. The fever went away by the next evening. Then I get a call this week from my friend that said her whole family got the flu and she was worried that he got it too because we were there a few days it looks like he just fought it off before it became the flu.

     Good luck!

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    Could also be a mild ear infection and it just doesn't hurt too much right now.
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    Last spring DD had high fever with no other symptoms but fussy for a few days, then fever broke and voila, roseola rash. Last week DD and one other little boy at daycare had high fevers for a few days and we took her to the pedi and everything was ruled out, so it was just a virus she was fighting. It's going around my neck of the woods. We just gave her Tylenol and kept her as happy as possible and it broke in 3 days.


    DD1 7/10/08  DD2 8/11/10  DS 7/2/13

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