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Sharing My Excitment! (kinda long)

I just can't help but tell you guys.... I GOT MY IPHONE TO WORK AGAIN!

It fell in the toilet at work about a month ago (after having it for 2 weeks)... and have been lost without it. Dried it out in rice, nothing happened, apple symbol came up and it said the battery was dead but wouldn't charge. So I order a replacement battery, which came today and DH put it in.... which was harder than I thought. Had to put it in DFU mode and restore it but it is working now!!!! yay! sorry so long but I super excited!

 Plus I am starting to spot for the first time in 101 days!!! yay! 

Anyone else have good news today?

Re: Sharing My Excitment! (kinda long)

  • Yay for the iPhone!  I think I would have have a cardiac and they would have thrown the dead iPhone in with the dead me.

     And yay for spotting!  101 days, gah!

  • Yay! I dropped my iPhone in the tub a few weeks ago, and it has recovered 100%. Those things are resilient! I tried the rice trick too. Glad it worked for you!!

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  • I love my iPhone! If it broke, I would probably have to take a day off of work to recover! LOL. I haven't really had anything fantastic happen today but I guess I'd rather have a boring day vs. a crappy one!
  • Haha! I dropped my phone in a toilet last year and just ended up getting a new one. I love my new phone more than my old phone.. but I'm glad you got your working again!
    Our sweet girl is 3!

    Lilypie - (R7Ux)

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