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So I just spammed all the age and tri boards...

with my sling safety PSA ;-)

Here it is...please help spread the word or add other good links and info to those posts!

Barging in...

I'm a big babywearing fan and have done a ton of research on carriers - I just wanted to point out a few helpful resources in light of the "slings are dangerous" CPSC warning that came out today.

Most slings are safe - when worn correctly!!  The slings that are dangerous are those like the Infantino Slingrider - bag slings.  This site has an excellent explanation as to the dangers:

Infantino was alerted to this mama's work years ago and did nothing aside from adding mesh to their carrier - not enough to prevent recent deaths.  This carrier and others like it are not safe - there is no way to properly position a baby in them.  

Ring slings, pouches, wraps, mei tais, and buckle carriers are all safe options - when worn properly.  While there are ways to safely cradle carry a newborn, I advise people to use the upright tummy to tummy position as it is much easier to get right.  Most babies prefer this position anyway and it can be done in any carrier, even a ring sling.

For more information on babywearing safety, please visit the Facebook group Babywearing Safety.

This handout is also useful: is an excellent resource as well - tons of videos and instructions in the forums. I have other links in my siggy on wraps.

If you are interested in babywearing, you may want to see if there is a babywearing group in your area or a store that sells good carriers that can assist you with proper positioning.  Sadly, most carriers that you can purchase at big box stores are either not great for long term wearing or are down right dangerous (like the Slingrider).

If you have any questions, come on over to the AP board.  Many of us are avid babywearers and happy to answer questions.

 Please pass this info on!!


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