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Infant CPR at Cedars

Hi ladies,

I am trying to figure out which classes to sign up for. I called Cedars and they mentioned the CPR classes is not certified. Is that normal??

Also, if you have taken classes there, do you recommend the childbirth series or the infant care class? Its $150 for the childbirth series and I'm wondering if it is worth it. Thanks so much!

Re: Infant CPR at Cedars

  • My husband and I are taking the Cedars childbirth series and are enjoying it and finding it valuable.  We also took the infant care class -- it was very basic, so if you've had any exposure to infants (babysitting, nieces/nephews, etc.) it's probably unnecessary.  You can review by reading a book or two. The "hands-on" part of the infant care class goes way too quickly to be useful for someone who's never diapered, swaddled, or dressed a baby, and the class is too big for the instructor to give any one-on-one help or guidance.

    We opted for the Infant/Child CPR class at the Red Cross instead of the one at Cedars.  It was good - we're now both certified for one year.

  • Thanks for the useful information Renee! How much did it cost to be certified at Red Cross?

    Thanks for your input regarding the childbirth classes. :) Can I ask how far along you are?

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  • Sure thing - hope it's helpful.  The Red Cross class we took was $65 each -- it was a full day that included two classes: Adult, Child, & Infant CPR and Adult, Child, & Infant first aid (the CPR certification is good for one year; the first aid one is good for three).  They do offer them separately, and I think they also offer child/infant only classes, and they have a bunch of locations around the city.  If you go to their website (, you'll find the whole list of classes.

    I'm 33 weeks -- can't believe how fast the past couple months went by.  How about you?

  • Thanks again for the info!

    I know what you mean- I can't believe I'm almost 27 weeks!! The first 2 trimesters just flew by.

    I just registered for the 3 part childbirth classes at cedars. I have a feeling this is going to be a busy trimester ;0)

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