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Hello fellow LA Mommies

Hi everyone its Bump Shannon and I live in beautiful LA! How amazing is this weather today...goodness.  We're having a park playdate in a few hours, can't wait.

I have a 6yr old son and 4yr old daughter and live in Santa Clarita (home of the minvan!) :)

 I've bee nthrough everything from trouble TTC, problems breastfeeding, sleepless babies, colic, etc so I hope I can be helpful.


Re: Hello fellow LA Mommies

  • Hi Bump Shannon!  Yes, it sure is beautiful today!!  I'm in Long Beach... home of the.... i dunno. haha.

     I hope you have a good time at the park later~! 

  • Home of the best aquarium ever!!  :)
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  • I'm loving the weather!! I live in Valencia. :) Small world!
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  • I loved the weather when I walked to get lunch! I can't wait to get out of the office and enjoy it!
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