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Just in case you are new to the site...

I'm seeing a few of you who are brand new.  Here are some links that might help you navigate our community:  

Threads I'm Watching
Look at the top of any post - you'll see a link that says "Watch this Thread" - click it an you'll get email notifications when anyone replies, or you can click this link to check out all of the threads you are keeping tabs on.

My Posts
Use this link to check in on any threads you've created or replied to.

Birth Month Boards
We added these boards recently.  Starting with January 2010, you can chat with other moms who gave birth/are due in the same month as you.

Bump Board Glossary
Sometimes even I get baffled by the acronyms on our boards.  Take a look a the glossary if you are stumped by an abbreviation. 

Check Private Messages
Use this one to see if anyone has sent you a message.  You'll also get an email notification when you get a new message.  To send a PM, just click "Contact" at the bottom of anyone's post and then choose "Send a Private Message"

And you can always contact us at [email protected] 

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