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Anyone done baby & me swim class ?

Im looking into a commuinty swim class for DS and I. The age range says 1- 36 mo and I wonder if at 6 mo ( he'll be 6 mo when it starts ) thats something thats age appropriate.

Anyone tried this with their Lo's and how did you like it ?

Re: Anyone done baby & me swim class ?

  • I took DS when he was 6 months (that was the minimum age). He was the youngest in the class, but it was still fun. I wanted to get him used to the water at an early age. He has been in swimming lessons quite a bit since then and he is 3 years old now.

    I think it's a great idea!

  • I literally JUST called today about this.  Our local starts at 6 months.  We will start right after our month-long trip to Europe when she's 8 months.  I'm excited!
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  • I took DS when he was a baby and he enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to being able to take DD. They don't really do any "swimming"- its more just songs and you whirling them around in the water- it's good for getting them comfortable in the water though.

    This reminds me though, I need to get DS signed up for swim lessons again...

  • My to do list for today includes signing up for a parent/child swim class.  Near us, they all start at 6 months.  For the most part, the 6-18 month classes are all about being comfortable moving in the water and being in the water. 

    I didn't learn to swim until college and have never been super comfortable in the water, so I'd like DD to start young. 

  • H and I are in parent/child class right now. It's for babies 6-24 months. We started when he was 7 months. He's one of the youngest, so he can't do some of the things, but he has a lot of fun. He can't blow bubbles, jump in, or climb out, but he likes holding the noodles, floating, singing, splashing. It's mostly about getting used to the water.

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  • We took one when DS was 6 months, and we both loved it!  We took it with a friend with twins who were just a couple of weeks older than DS, and they loved it, too.
  • DS has been in a weekly swim class since he was 6 months old. He loves it! I can really tell that he has developed some skills even at this age.

    Example: If I say "splash" or "kick" he does them. And in the last couple weeks, we have been working on blowing bubbles. At first he just watched me but now he sticks his face in the water.

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  • I really want to do them!  Where are you doing it?
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  • When DS and I tried these, the 6 month olds in the class before ours seemed to have a blast.

    We started DS when he was 11 months old, and it was a disaster - He was terrified of the pool area (the sounds and smell I think were part of it), even when DH and I were both in the pool with him. I was kind of peeved at the instructors for pushing us to keep trying when he was obviously not ready and was getting more worked up with each lesson.

    So, I guess my advice is that it will probably be a great time, but be prepared to stick to your guns on anything that you feel is right or wrong for your baby. If they want to to submersion and you feel DS is not ready, then just ignore the instructor and fake it.

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