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Red hands ?

DS came home from daycare with red slightly swollen hands - the redness is on top of the hand, mainly above his thumb and index finger and getting lighter pink toward the pinkie. The hands looked raw (palms were fine). Does that sound like an allergic reaction to anything? He didn't play in water today and I will ask his teachers tomorrow if they have any ideas but wanted to see if any of you have seen anything like this / have any ideas what may have caused it. Thanks.
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Re: Red hands ?

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    That is how my hands looked after wearing latex gloves before I found out/realized I was allergic. So it could be an allergic reaction, or it could be something totally different. I hope the DC provider can shed some light on his poor little hands.
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    Is it just on his hands? When I was younger me and my 2 younger sisters had "child's 5th disease" or "slapping childs disease". It kinda looks like red splotchy all over and it was on our hands. I doubt this is the same thing but who knows.
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