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PP Forgetfulness

Examples from today alone: I have no idea where my house keys are, haven't known for 4 days; got home from the grocery store and remembered 20 minutes later that there were groceries in the trunk; and here's the kicker, I forgot to feed T her 2p bottle, and didn't realize it until 4:15.

I think its the lack of sleep, but I feel horrible for forgetting to feed my baby! 

Is anyone else more forgetful now, or is it just me?

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Re: PP Forgetfulness

  • Absolutely!  And I get side tracked a lot more easily.  I'll start one thing, then move to another and another and forget what I was originally doing. 
  • Completely forgetful. I have to write things down while I'm thinking of them, otherwise I won't be able to remember it 5 minutes later. I also seem to be easily distracted, much more than before.
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  • totally forgetful!!

    the other morning I put my cup in the fridge and the britta in the cabinet.. 

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