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Help - birthday ideas needed! (NTR)

My grandfather turns the big 80 in a couple of weeks and I feel like a simple card just isn't going to cut it this year...  The problem is that he's gotten pretty grumpy in his old age and since my grandma passed so he's difficult to shop for... His only interests anymore are the casino and his computer.  He doesn't need any clothes or anything like that.  I was going to be really off-the-wall and send him a singing telegram, but they're $150 - way out of budget.  I'm in Tampa, he's in Buffalo, NY.  Any ideas?
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Re: Help - birthday ideas needed! (NTR)

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    Scratch-off lotto tickets? Actually, if you buy them in Florida, he can't redeem them in NY if he wins so I guess that's a bad idea. Does Florida participate in Mega Millions or some other lotto that is multi-state and includes both Florida and NY? Obviously, I'm trying to think along the gambling lines! I don't know much about computers. Maybe a webcam so you could do Skype with him?

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