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Recom'd your carrier for 6 month old

There are so many choices out there, please help me (sorry if this is asked a lot).  DS is nearly 6 months old and we have been enjoying our Moby a lot.  We also have a Bjorn but its just not comfy. (he's 16 lbs now, if that helps, but I would like a carrier that I can use for awhile)

Since I work full+ time I just love to wear DS as much as possible at home and out and about. 

Is the Moby enough, or are there better options for us?  The only draw back I see about the Moby is that even though I am effecient in using it, it can be tricky and because of its size I feel like it gets dirty more taking it on/off and storing it.

Re: Recom'd your carrier for 6 month old

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