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CD Mama's ... where do you hang your wet bags?

I'm still trying to decide between a diaper pail and liner or a hanging wet bad.

The post below about your fav brand got me thinking... where do you hang these?!

I could hang on the dresser drawer knob, but it seems like it would make it harder to open the drawers.  The inside door knob would work, but then does it make it harder to open/close the door quietly to check on LO when they're asleep?

Thanks ladies!

Re: CD Mama's ... where do you hang your wet bags?

  • i hang it on the towel rod near the shower. we have the toilet diaper sprayer thing in there too so it just seemed logical to hang the wetbag in the bathroom instead of the bedroom.
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  • We have a diaper pail that seems to me is a glorified trash can.  Inside that we have a liner.  It has worked really well.
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  • I hung a hook inside the closet (which is right next to the changing table).  It works perfect.  I much MUCH prefer a hanging wet bag to a diaper pail.   
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