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Enlarged uterus-- Twins??

Hi girls.  I went for my first prenatal visit on Monday and the Doctor said my uterus was quite large for only being 7 weeks pregnant.  He asked if I have a history of fibroids (which I don't) and he also asked if I was absolutely positive about my last period...  I'm completely positive, I could tell him the date I conceived if I wanted to. 

Anyway, I'm wondering if my uterus is larger because there are 2 babies in there!!!  I have my first sono today and I've pretty much convinced myself that I'm having twins...  Silly, I know....  We'll see.

Ahhhh...  3 more hours!!!



Re: Enlarged uterus-- Twins??

  • Who knows, guess we will know in three hours. Happy ultrasound.
  • This is what happened to me..The doc was like you have to be wrong about your dates..When I swore up and down I had it to the very day he sent me for a u/s and sure enough there were two!!
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  • When I went to the Dr the first time, she said my uterus was larger then it was suppose to be.  Then she did my u/s and we saw why, there were 2! :) 

     Good luck.  Let us know how your u/s goes

  • My uterus grew a lot faster with the second pregnancy than the first.
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  • Well....  It's only one!  A very healthy little one!! :)

    It was kind of bittersweet...  We were kind of excited for twins.  But so happy to hear all is well!

    Thanks ladies.


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