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Book suggestions for baby's first year?

I am looking for a good book that covers basic development for baby's first year.  Things like milestones to expect at certain ages, suggestions for play, and other basic things I should know.

Anyone have a book that the love?  I would really appreciate your suggestions!  Thanks!


Re: Book suggestions for baby's first year?

  • Babywise! It is amazing and really gives some good info. Lana was sleeping through the night by 4 weeks with the help of this book. It has lots of great info in it. Also, kellymom.com is a great resource too. Hope that helps!
  • I liked Your Baby's First Year. Though a lot of milestones are so variable that it's a lot harder than with the milestones during pregnancy. We just went with it and DD did fine. She didn't STTN until she was 7 months old but before that I was BF her and she just woke up 2-3x a night and after feeding she'd go right back to sleep. Every baby is different.
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