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Poem for children's book wishing well for baby shower

Hi, does anyone have a poem that was used at their shower to request guests bring a book?  I found a few but most involve something about bringing a book instead of a card and ideally would like to find one w/o that in it for my sister's shower.  I'll alter or write one if needed, but usually you ladies come through. TIA!  
***Jean & Kevin * July 9, 2005 ***

Re: Poem for children's book wishing well for baby shower

  • Actually this idea was totally new to me when I got a shower invite last week. I think it's an adorable idea. But the poem said basically bring a book instead of a card. Sorry I was no help. Good luck.
  • I'm not helpful either but wanted to say "hi." :-) I didn't know your (younger?)  sister was pregnant!
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  • i did the book thing for my sister's shower and it was a big hit. sis uses the books a lot with my niece.

    i will find the poem and report back 


  • Thx...I actually combined a few into my own and personalized it with their names so I have one now :-)

     Yes L--youngest sis...was keeping it on the down low. 

    ***Jean & Kevin * July 9, 2005 ***
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