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Does FF always show CH after the date passes or does it ever predict the date? Just wondering what to look for in the future. Thanx!

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  • It usually shows CH 3 days after O.
  • It doesn't predict ovulation, but after a couple of cycles, it will predict your fertile window.


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  • The calendar will predict the date if you have a VIP membership, but you can do that just as easily yourself, but looking at the "average" time it takes you to ovulate after you have recorded a few cycles. 

    Since very few of us are perfectly "regular" the projected O date is just a guess. 

  • what PPs said.  overly simplified, you have to have three "higher" temps to confirm O, thus it takes three days for CH.
  • imagekdodge423:

    Do you think it magically knows when you are going to ovulate? Seriously? Do you even pay attention to posts that are made thorughout the day?

    And why are you charting while on Clomid? You should be monitored well enough that it is completely unnecessary.


    The other posters answered my questions, thanks.

    As far as the monitoring goes, I'm only getting bloodwork on CD 21 done. My doctor isn't doing anything else to monitor me unless I have symptoms of complications. Two different doctors said that was all that was really necessary so I'm going with it. Besides, I like charting now! Go figure!!

  • so, this is my first month of clomid, so i'm no expert, but i've already had 3 US looking for me to ovulate and measuring my uterine lining. I say this with the upmost concern, you may want to ask abt getting an US just so u can check on the lining and if its helping you to ovulate. bloodwork isn't going to tell you either of that.
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