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Millard Filmore vs. Buffalo Children's for Labor/Delivery

I'm in the process of choosing a new OBGYN and TTC.  I have it down to two: one who delivers at Millard Filmore Suburban and one at Buffalo's Children's Hospital.

 I'd love any feedback anyone in has about these to hospitals and their maternity department.  All the basics seem similar but I'd like to hear from those who have been there delivering.  How was the availability of private rooms?  How were the services during labor?  What did you really like or dislike about your experience?

 Thanks in advance for any info! 

Re: Millard Filmore vs. Buffalo Children's for Labor/Delivery

  • you mean millard fillmore suburban, right? I don't think they have L&D at Millard Fillmore gates circle..

    I delivered at Sisters, so I can't speak to the other two.. but I was really happy with sisters.. 

    I was at Millard Fillmore for my D&C two years ago.. and it was a terrible experience...which nearly ended in me getting dressed and leaving and going to Sisters after I already had an IV in to prep for surgery (on my dr's orders). I won't ever go back to that hospital for anything, but I know a lot of the girls here have delivered there and been happy with the L&D unit.

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  • MF Suburban is awesome! They have a private room guarantee...and they are good sized. Flat screens were just starting to be installed when we were there. Food is so-so...but I think that's the same everywhere. I had both a vaginal and c-section there and we really liked the staff and everything was clean. They have great security and most of it has been redone recently.

    My OB is Dr Karen Snell-Garus....she is the best OB in Buffalo! (hehe...well I think so and I've been through a few)

    W&C hospital is in the city...there are a lot of characters delivering there. We went there for an ultrasound and after we were in a car accident. I'm sure it's clean - but it just doesn't look like it is since everything is so old. I don't know anyone who has delivered there, so I can't say anything about their L&D dept.

    Good luck!

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  • I delivered at Suburban. We had the best nurses in L&D. They were great. I had a really really good experience with the birth. I was sent in to be induced at 37 weeks. I was no where near ready so I had to have cervadil before the pitocin. So we were in L&D for a while. Everything changed when we were moved to Mother/Baby. I don't know if it was because it was the weekend but we did not have one nice nurse until Monday when we were leaving. Everyone one was cranky and DH got into a fight with one of them Sunday night. We went 12 hours with out a nurse coming in to check on us at all on Sunday. When a nurse finally came in we told them no one has come in at all and we had a list of her feedings and diaper changes that needed to be recorded. We asked if we could leave that night considering no one had come in to check on us any way. They told us no because they had to do the jaundice test on Belle at midnight. Midnight? Seriously? Why not then?
    Well no one came back to get her. You can't keep the baby in the room with you over night which bugged me to. They acted like we weren't fit to keep her with us. DH called the nurse at 2 in the morning wondering why they didn't take her. The nurse yelled at us because we still had her. That is when DH got into an argument with her. The nurse took Belle to get her tests and brought her back to us that night. I could not wait to come home. I spent my last night in the hospital in tears because they were so rude.
    L&D was wonderful. We had the best nurse. We will end up having #2 at Suburban because that is where my Doctor delivers and I have the best OB.
    My nephew was born at Children's and had the best experience.
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  • I delivered at MF and was pretty happy with everything. I LOVED the LC on staff, and all the nurses were great. We had an issue w/ someone at the nurses station who answered when I pushed my call button; she was really snotty w/ me (which of course put me in tears since I was so over emotional to begin with) My DH was pretty mad, and spoke to the head nurse. She was great about it, and assured us that the individual was spoken with (I guess a few other patients complained about her too). Over all a great experience.
  • Oh and yes it's true that Children's is older but they have top notch staff and equipment. They have the best NICU. I really wish we could have delivered there. My family volunteers every year for the past 15 years for the Variety telethon. It's a very good hospital.
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  • imageaSp6907:
    Well no one came back to get her. You can't keep the baby in the room with you over night which bugged me to. They acted like we weren't fit to keep her with us. DH called the nurse at 2 in the morning wondering why they didn't take her. The nurse yelled at us because we still had her. That is when DH got into an argument with her. The nurse took Belle to get her tests and brought her back to us that night. I could not wait to come home. I spent my last night in the hospital in tears because they were so rude.

    really?! we kept Evan in the room with us for most of the time. we did send him to the nursery for a bit (but at our request, no one told us we had to), just so I was able to get some rest. But for the 2 nights we stayed I would say he was in the room w/ me 75% of the time.

  • Every nurse we had that weekend told us we couldn't keep her with us. They kept telling us we were never going to get sleep when we came home so to use this opportunity. I didn't sleep at all while I was there. I jsut wasn't comfortable. They were snotty to both DH and I about it as well. They made us seem like we weren't allowed to have her with us and told us it was hospital policy. The nurse yelled at us for having her still at 2 am and that she was suppose to be in the nursery. Thats when DH had enough and went off. Not like him at all. But on Monday we had a great nurse. Of course we were checking out that day.
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  • Hmmm...did you sleep with him in the room? We weren't allowed to both be sleeping when the baby was in there. Kind of annoying when I wanted a quick snooze in the afternoon...but we sent the baby to the nursery every night...DH brought them there and then we went to bed. We would have done this even if it wasn't a rule - I didn't like the baby not being watched at night.

  • i delivered at MF surburban too.

    did not like the resident that sent me home the day my contractions started after my dr told me i was in labor and to go there. the resident kinda made me feel like an idiot and told me i was dehydrated and in false labor... as if i should have known this all along this being my 1st pregnancy and all.

    so you can figure out how happy i was to see him again the next day when my dr told me to go back b/c i was still having contractions and i wasn't sure if my water had broke- again 1st timer here!

    that same resident tried to send me home again- he apparently didn't know what room he was in or what patient he was checking in on- as the nurse was just about to put my iv in...

    i had a c-section i was totally ok with that, i don't have anything bad to say about that whole experience there

    my 1st room was so hot- apparently i got the room notorious for having this problem they tried to fix it but i ended up switching to another room when one opened up shortly after i complained

    the LC's there were great however a little too hands on and each had a different technique or idea of how i should be BF-ing. while it is nice to get different approaches, i felt that they didn't let me have a chance to figure it out. when they would come in to observe and help it turned into 'let me just do it for you' i eventually just wanted to leave so i could sink or swim on my own since they weren't coming home with me!

    i did get yelled at b/c i didn't call them to take michael back to the nursery after feeding him- not that this was ever explained to me. it pissed me off a little. in fact they really didn't communicate much to me in regards with what i was to do and not to do with him.

    i will say that the security was great though, they constantly checked the id bracelet on me and michael.

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  • I delivered at Suburban and the labor and delivery were great.  My post partum care not so much.  It was little things.  The door was sticking and they sent a repair man down at 1 am.  I told them I was taking ashower and to bring E to me at 6:30.  At 8am I went to the nursery to get my son b/c noone brought him to me.  I really didn't like the LC's.  They gave conflicting advice.  The nurse told me she didn't have time to help me with nursing b/c they had other problem patients.  The food was good, bed was comfy and I had a private room.  I'll be delivering there again in Sept.
  • I delivered at Children's. For labor it was good- my birth plan was pretty well followed, no one pressured me to take drugs (they were told not to ask me), they listened to DH & I about what we wanted for the most part.

    Every room is private there. We upgraded to a "celebration" suite for the 2nd night. Not sure if it was really worth the $50.

    They encourage the baby to room in which I liked. We could both be asleep with the baby in the room (in the bassinet) as long as a light was on in the room. The LC's were ok, I had read a LOT beforehand though and didn't really need a ton of help from them.

    If I was delivering in a hospital again I would go back there I think.

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  • Thanks everyone for some great feedback!
  • I delivered at Suburban the first time and will be delivering at Children's this time.  My experience was not horrible, but far from wonderful.  When I was in labor it was really busy there and they just threw me in a room and never came to check on me for an hour.  My DH kept going out in the hall and asking for someone to please come in (I was vomitting like crazy).  They finally sent a resident in who had no idea what was going on and said I had to be registered and given fluids before I could have an epidural.  I was annoyed because I had supposedly pre-registered.  It took forever and by the time they administered the fluids and then checked me again they said it was too late so I had to go completely drug free (which was not my intention).  

    Once in the mother/baby unit I thought the nurses were nice enough, but we never had the same one check on us during our stay.  They were strick about not letting us keep DS in the room with us while sleeping.  They said the light had to be on and one of us had to be awake.  What was really annoying about this policy was they would bring me DS to nurse and then I would hit the call button when I was done for him to be taken away and sometimes they would never show up.  I would end up holding him for way too long and then calling again.  

    My DS had a tumor at 7 months and we spent a considerable amount of time at Children's Hospital.  The nurses were amazing.   I can't say enough good things about his care and I am hoping it will be the same when delivering a baby. I specifically chose a new OB (we moved to the southtowns) that delivered at Children's because I wanted to be there.

    They also have a NICU and after seeing all of the sick newborns (which I never really considered the first time around), I will feel much better about delivering somewhere that has that option if something is wrong with the new baby.  

    Suburban is definitely adequate and they deliver more babies than any other hospital in WNY.  With that said, I think they are somewhat busy and preoccupied which makes patients feel less than important.  If you have the chance to go to Childrens or Sisters (have heard great things about Sisters too), that would be my choice.  I agree with a PP that Children's serves a different demographic because of their city location and because they mostly deliver high-risk babies (sometimes this matches up to the demographic).  However, my experience there has been great and the nurses have all been super.

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