Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

For those who have a nanny - a few questions, please :)

How many candidates did you interview?  

What kinds of questions did you ask?

What would be a good rate to offer for these conditions:

- hrs 12-7

- I would be here with her

- I just basically need her to help with DS while BFing DD, help with DS's lunch and dinner, if I couldn't do it, take DS to the park some days, watch DD while DS is napping so I could nap, and maybe some VERY light housekeeping (all that I've looked at have said they do this), watch DS when I have to take DD to her appts

- All this for about 6 wks or so until I get into a routine with the 2 of them, then maybe have her for 1 or 2 days a week for a couple hours after that

TIA!! :) 

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Re: For those who have a nanny - a few questions, please :)

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    We had a nanny for a year when I first went back to work.  We knew our nanny socially and when she became available, we snatched her up, so we didn't really interview anyone other than her.

    We paid her $9/hr, to watch DS from 7:00 to 3:00.  That rate is going to differ based on where you live.  She was there with DS by herself.  She didn't do any housework other than clean up from breakfast/lunch.

    The main questions would be about experience, first aid/CPR certification, etc.  I asked what type of activities she would do with DS, but I'm not so certain that this would apply for you.  Just try to get a feel for how she will interact with your children.


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    Of course ask for references and actually call them to follow up on people you are considering hiring.  Run a quick criminal background check on them too, that is usually pretty cheap if not free.  Around here sitters/nannies cost around $10/hour so I guess it depends on what part of the country you live in and what the going rate is/what you are comfortable paying.
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    we interviewed three nannies - one on our own and then two through an agency (the first one fell through about two weeks before i went back to work, so i didn't have time to begin the search again). the fee for the agency was steep, but it was nice to have them do all the work and our nanny is wonderful. has a good list of questions to ask potential nannies that might help with questions. i also asked them questions about how they would handle an emergency if i wasn't here (i work from home they day we have our nanny come in), what they would do if the baby wouldn't stop crying (more newborn-centered, i guess), what a typical day would look like if they were working for me, and how they felt about nannying while i was in the home.

    we offered $12 a hour and to pay both our share and her share of all federal and state taxes, but i know nanny/childcare pay is very region-specific.

    good luck with the search and your LO on the way!

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