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anyone own RadianXTSL?

we are looking into a new car seat for M and know that these ones rear face the longest...

we are also about to buy a mini van and I was wondering how much space they take up rear facing? in terms of inches? do we have to pull up the passenger seat all the way? or is there room? just wondering before we buy a car seat and a new car that don't fit together....

our other option is the safety first complete air convertable seat (partially because the video scared the crap out of my husband!!)



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Re: anyone own RadianXTSL?

  • It will fit great in a minivan, no need to pull the passenger seat up!
  • **Thank you :):):) i always worry about spending so much money on something (both the seat and the van for that matter) and not having them fit well!
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  • It really didn't take up that much more room than my infant seat (because it doesn't need to be as reclined). It should be fine in a fan. It fits in my small chevy cavalier. The Britax Marathon takes up a lot less room though.

    The only problem with the radian is that it can be tricky to install and near impossible in some. It's very low profile. That is something to think about. But if you order from somewhere like, you can return it if it doesn't fit. has a "successful install" thread

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