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Something cool happened to me today

I took Rosie outside for a walk and when we got near our apartment I let her splash in the puddles there.  This couple was driving into their garage across the street.  The man gets out of the car, comes over to me and says, "My wife was a nursery school teacher for many years, and she wanted me to tell you that you're a great mom to let her splash in puddles like that."

Put a smile on my face!  Although she wasn't there to see me bribing Rosie with the promise of cookies to get her in the house and out of the puddles.

Re: Something cool happened to me today

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    I agree, that's awesome! It's funny what we remember as kids, but I can tell you, no lie, that I can picture in my mind exactly where the puddles would form in my driveway and my grandparents. Sweet memories!

    You are a great mom!

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    Awww! That is SO sweet.. How nice that Rosie got to splash in the puddles and that the man said that!


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    I just love it when parents let their kids be kids!  And even nicer to be recognized for it!
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    Ah, that is awesome!  I, too, remember jumping in the puddles - so much fun!
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    That's such a cute story.  I know you don't need anyone to tell you that you are a great mom, but I'm sure it felt good!
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    Cute!  I don't remember puddles, but I remember my mom letting me and my sister put on our swim suits and go run around in the driveway during rainstorms in the summertime.
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    That is really cute.  I let DD splash in the puddles a few days ago and she loved it!
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    sounds like she had a great time! 
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    That was so sweet of him to say that. I'm sure Rosie had an awesome time!
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    What a great compliment!  I bet Rosie had a lot of fun :)
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    That is so sweet!  Eva went puddle jumping yesterday too- so much fun!
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