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already asked if I am full term:(

Ugh, I know I am big...but I didnt think I was that big.

Re: already asked if I am full term:(

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    People are dumb--I'm sure you look great! 
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    Oh, don't listen to people!  They're idiots!  :)
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    Don't let it bother you.  I was asked numerous times if I was having twins.  It is a lot different on the body once you have had a baby.  You seem to get bigger a lot quicker:)  Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and good luck.
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    I swear I went from "wow, you don't look pregnant" to "wow, you're due in three months? you look like you're ready to explode" overnight.




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    In the same day, I was told I was too small to be almost 8 months pregnant and that I looked like I could go any day.  People are dumb and don't know what they're talking about!
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    Thanks guys.  Kinda bummed me out though.
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    I got that comment from a stranger yesterday. As if we don't feel huge already; people feel the need to comment on it.
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    Some people are just ignorant. Just enjoy being pregnant!
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    ((hugs))  When I was 28 wks with Kenley someone said "Oh you must be due any day now!  When's your due date?"  Judging from my pic below...I'll be getting the same comment VERY soon.

     ETA: this time I think I'm going to be mean and say "Wow thanks.  Can't hear that enough"

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    Removal of  ruptured right tube 5/8/14
    IVF or adoption??
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