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I'm at a loss: Re: waking screaming at night

DD has started waking once every night/morning screaming her head off.  I go in & lay her down after a few minutes, and if that doesn't work, I check her diaper, try some Orajel, etc.  I hate not knowing why she's doing this.  Waking & screaming is not abnormal for her, but she often does not go back to sleep if it's 4 or 5 a.m.

So what do I do?  Enlist the help of a psychic?  LOL

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Re: I'm at a loss: Re: waking screaming at night

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    I have no suggestions but my mom said me and my sister used to wake up and scream all the time when we were little.  There was nothing wrong with us, it scared the crap out of her though.  Hopefully someone else will be able to help you out
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    If it is the same time every night it could be night terrors.  I read a little about them because for a while Maya was waking up at the same time every night, like clockwork, screaming her head off.  She wasn't even really awake.  She couldn't be consoled either.

    From what I read, you can try to alter their sleep pattern.  With Maya she would wake at 1:30 am.  I woke her up before that, just nudged to disrupt her and found it stopped.

    Other times she has woken up screaming and awake- its gas. 

    Hope this helps.

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    DD did this about a month and a half ago - it is VERY uncharacteristic for her since she has STTN since about 8 weeks. So we took her to the doc and she had a double ear infection.
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