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Lost and Big Love..........

I can't wait for LOST!!!

I also loved Big Love last night. :) Best episode ever.

Re: Lost and Big Love..........

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    Really? I was kind of disappointed in last night's ep of Big Love. I can't pin it to any particular reason, but it just wasn't what I hoped.

    I did like Adelaide lighting up JJ and that freaky cancer wife, though.


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    I don't watch Big Love but I'll join in your excitement for Lost!!!  I keep thinking it's on Thursday nights so when Monday rolls around I'm pleasantly surprised that it's already on tomorrow!!

    I'm so intrigued by where they are going with everything.  I almost want to dvr all the remaining episodes and watch them back to back.  Too bad no way in hell I could do that though.

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    I don't watch Big Love but WOOO HOOOO on LOST. I have high expectations for these final 10 episodes.
    S- March 09 E- Feb 12 L- May 15

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