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I really want to put DD in a bubble

It's so sad and concerning that everytime you turn on the tv there is yet another case of sexual assault to a child.  The cases are getting closer and closer to home.  At this rate DD will never go to a sleep over because you just never know.  90% of the children know there attacker so what is a parent to do.
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Re: I really want to put DD in a bubble

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    seriously.  i don't think i'll ever let her have a sleep over unless i know the parents REALLY well.  even then i'll have to have a "if anyone tries to touch you, scream for your life and TELL ME!" talk.  ::shudder::

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    The world is a scarier place when you have a kiddo.  I would love to keep DD by my side until she's 30, but in case she's not okay with that, I hope to teach her what to do in every situation.  There are too many crazy motherfvckers out there...
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