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going off Seasonique..?

i went off of Seasonique right after the end of my last period, and a week later, I started another period. i'm wondering if this is normal? my last period was a week long, full-length period, so i'm confused as to why i'd go directly into another period right after getting off Seasonique......has anyone had experience with this???

Re: going off Seasonique..?

  • I can't really comment on Seasonique specifically but when I went off BCP I had my withdraw period and then bled more a week or two later.

    BCP can do strange things to your body when you come off of it. Maybe give your doc a call and see if it's common with Seasonique or if he feels its normal in general.

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  • Not sure about Seasonique, but I have been off BCP (Yasmin) since August, and I just had a month like that (Jan/Feb). From what I've learned is that it can take a while for your body to adjust to coming off and regulate itself. It does suck, let me tell you, I went on BCP in the first place because my periods were so long and painful, and now I'm right back where I started. Just east some chocolate and hang out in your jammies when you can. GL!
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  • thanks for the comments! I'm just happy to know that its not too abnormal for this to happen! It sucks to have two periods in one month though. guess that means i should have some extra Ben&Jerry's tonight ;)

  • Yes it's normal. I had the same thing from the same pill. Seasonique still has hormones in the "period" pills so you had bleeding again. 
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