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DS won't nap any longer than 45 minutes in his crib

DS only takes 1 nap a day and for the last week it has been a horrible fight to get him down. Once he CIO he usually falls asleep, but never for more than 45 minutes. I have also gotten in the bad habit of letting him CIO and then letting him nap in our bed...where he proceeds to sleep for 2+ hours! I know this is bad and it needs to stop, but I need some tips on how to get him back to napping like he used to in his crib. I know he is teething and that is part of it, but he STTN so the only issue is naptime. How long do you let them CIO before you call the nap over even when they are clearly tired? What do you do with them if CIO doesn't work? HELP!

Re: DS won't nap any longer than 45 minutes in his crib

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    DS is the same way.  If he wakes up at night, he's totally fine and can put himself back to sleep without crying.  If he wakes up during his nap, he'll cry until he's up for good.  We usually give it about half hour.  We know that after that, he'll never go back.  But he will nap on the couch for 2-3 usually we end up letting him do that. haha.  Sorry, not the best suggestion.

     We were thinking about getting blackout curtains for his room since he gets a lot of sun in there during the day.  Maybe that will work?

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    Don't stress.  DD has gone through this... she goes in cycles with both eating and sleeping.  She will nap great for a while, then I have a few weeks where it's a fight to get her down, she cries in her crib, and once she is asleep, it is an hour to an hour and 15 min at best.  For the past 2 weeks, she goes down with no problem and sleeps for 3 hours. 

    ::Knocks on wood:: 

    Just be patient and stick with your routine!!

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    When this happens I have started running into his room at the first sign of crying and patting him back to sleep.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have noticed that I have to get him out every single day and burn a lot of his energy to get a good nap.  We get out every day anyway, but I am trying to do something really active with him in the mornings and save errands for after his nap.

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