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thoughts on bassinet? worth it?

K slept in our room for the first 3 months in a PnP with the bassinet option.  It worked well but I didn't like how much room it took up.  I'm kind of considering looking for a bassinet but just wondering if it's worth it. 
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Re: thoughts on bassinet? worth it?

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    DD never would sleep in her bassinet, she hated it so much.  I don't know if it's just the one we had, but the mattress was really flimsy and I just don't think it was very comfortable for her.  I'm going to try the PnP with bassinet this time around and hope it works better.

    ETA:  We had the simplicity bassinet that was later recalled, so I ended up just taking it back to BRU.

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    I would just use the PNP again.  It's only for a couple of months so I wouldn't want to spend the extra money.  Baby #2 may not be in your room as long as baby #1 either.

    If I was planning to have a few more kids I might consider getting one.

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    We had a regular bassinet, and it took up just as much room. 

    I think Totty used a Moses basket, so you could ask her about that. I would use one next time around, I think. Much smaller and easier to move the babe around. 

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    M's uppababy has the bassinet & we used that with a foam sleep positioner. She loved & was in our room sleeping in it for 3 months before she got kicked out of my room. 
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    DS didnt like it once he started to sprawl out. Once we moved him to the PnP one he loved it. If you can find one that has more width, it'd be a good option.
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    It was worth it for us, a PnP would have taken up too much room in our master... we only used it for 6 weeks, until I went back to work... since i had to wake up at 1am, I thought my alarm would wake her up.

    I bought an Eddie Bauer wooden bassinet on Craigslist for $50 and sold it for $60. totally worth it. ;)


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    We plan on using a pack-n-play again. I really considered a bassinet, but we aren't having any more children. So, unless I find an amazing deal, then I am sticking with what I have.
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    We had one and Michael hated it. He started sleeping in his crib at one week. I think a Moses basket is a great idea - affordable and takes up way less space.
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    My parents bought us this bassinet.  DD did not sleep in it one night.  We ended up cosleeping until we transitioned her to her crib.  With that said, we are keeping it and I am really hoping that our next baby will like it. :-)
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    DD slept in a bassinet in our room until she was 3 1/2 months old. I think it's different for every kid because she would scream if we put her in a PnP. Plus our bedroom is tiny so the bassinet was great.
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    We used the arms reach co sleeper. It was great but still ended up co sleeping. Using the PnP you could save some $$
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    DD would never sleep in the bassinet...she kept icking the sides.  So we ended up borrowing a friend's Arm Reach Co-sleeper, which she LOVED!  I plan on using that at first for the newest addition, when he or she comes.
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    I am thinking of getting one for #2 whenever that happens.  When we had DD, we were in an apartment and her room was a few steps away.  

    Now the nursery is on the 2nd floor and our master is on the first floor.  We have zero room for a huge PnP in our bedroom.

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