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Recommend my next carrier, please!

I currently have a Moby, a Hotsling, and a MT.  I use the Moby 99% of the time.  I love it, but it's too hot to use in the summer, and I think it may start to get uncomfortable the heavier he gets.  However, nothing else I have beats it for comfort and feeling nice and secure.  The Hotsling stays in the diaper bag for occasional use.  I use a hip carry with that but hate how it pulls against my shoulder.  It's uncomfortable.  I think I could like the MT, but I have a crappy one.  It has barely any padding and creates really uncomfortable pressure points that I can sometimes feel for days!

DS is about 22 lb.  It gets really hot here in the summer.  I only use front and hip carries now, but it would be nice to have the option of carrying him on my back.  And I'm hoping to stay below $100.  I *think* I want either a woven or a good MT, but I'm willing to consider any type of carrier.  So, what do you recommend?  (Extra points if you name specific sellers/brands. Big Smile)


Re: Recommend my next carrier, please!

  • OMG, I can't believe you can still carry your LO at 11 months in a moby!  D was sagging like a beast at three months ;)

    If you like your moby, you will LOVE a woven.  Infinitely cooler (I had the moby in summer down here so I totally hear you on the heat factor) and much MUCH more supportive.  The best place to get them is on FSOT (for sale or trade) forums.  You can find TONS for less than a hundred bucks there, and buying second hand means that they are already broken in for you :)

    If you desperately want to buy new then I think BBslen wovens are under a hundred dollars (I think I read $90 somewhere?).  And I think Girasols run around a hundred (or a bit over) as well.  

    If you are looking for a soft structured carrier, I highly highly recommend the Beco Butterfly, although brand new, it's over $100.  I got mine second hand from and it was only $90 and I LOVE it.

    HTH :) 

  • Ditto what MrsEE said - I have info on different woven brands in my siggy.  Vatanais are the coolest but you might be happier with a BB Slen since they are cheaper and more supportive.
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