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lady bloggers out there

Do you write anonymously or do you identify yourself on your blog? I am thinking of putting a link to mine in my siggy here on the bump, but I've seen people on the bump go snarky apeshiit and stalk people. Needless to say, I'm hesitant to do that because my blog has links to my fb and twitter. 

Any advice out there? 


Re: lady bloggers out there

  • anonymous because it was public, but now since I made it private I have been considering using our names in it! IDK
  • What is the worst that could happen? A wronged bumpie gets all my info from fb (which I also do not make private) and talks shiit here on the boards? I mean, really as long as I don't have very personal info like where I work, play, live then what could really happen? (cue scene from single white female)
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  • Even though I use my pic on my blog and these boards I try to keep DH's info away from it. He has nosey co workers that love to google. Even on FB I block certain people from seeing everything. IMO do what you feel comfortable doing. I don't post a link to my blog because I rarely blog and when I do its a pity party haha.
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  • I use my nickname on my blog but it's a reasonably common nick name. I don't use DH's name at all- he prefers to remain as private as possible. I've also not chosen to link it here.

    At the moment I'm using it as a personal dump for the inane TTC thoughts that pass through my head. I needed someplace to put the stupid and details about my cycle so that it wouldn't leak out and contaminate my personal blog or the Bump. Since I'm trying to actually establish some regularity/credibility on the Bump and my inane TTC thoughts aren't exactly high caliber- I've been keeping the two seperate.

    I'd probably get more readers (...any readers- I'm pretty sure I'm talking to myself out there) if I posted it here- but if all I am blogging about is that it's CD10 - I switched to vaginal temping and isn't it nice that it appears more reliable than oral temping... then there's not a lot of reason to drag a crowd in to see my ramblings.


    Edit: And yeah- no way I'd connect my blog or the Bump to my facebook/twitter. I have a very  unique last name which means that when I drop my privacy- I drop my husbands as well because there's only 3 of us with that particular last name out there (it's hyphenated- DH, me, and SIL share- their parents dropped the hyphen after the divorce). I'd be okay with linking myself to IF and my commentary but linking him through our last name is just not my right.

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  • I use my name. I am not sure anyone would find me interesting enough to stalk.
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  • imageBeccaboo0713:
    I use my name. I am not sure anyone would find me interesting enough to stalk.

    Yes same here.

    Although if/when we do have kids and start posting baby pics I might switch to private then.

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  • I blog here and then, but it's not linked anywhere. I'm the only one with my name out there (I've looked), but I wouldn't feel weird using it if I had to but since no one IRL knows we're TTC, I'm holding off for now.
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