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so my last chart was all over the place and i never got crosshairs. i had a pos opk, but doesnt look like i ovulated. i was on bcp for about 12 years and stopped taking it this past september. i have always had regular periods, but am quite pissed cause it doesnt seem like im not ovulating yet. i mean seriously, i new it took a couple months for your bodu to regulate, but this is flippin rediculous! i have my yearly exam on the 31st and gonna see if she thinks i should go ahead and at least start taking clomid. ugh!
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  • It could take your body up to a year to regulate. GL.
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    It could take your body up to a year to regulate. GL.

    This and the only reason you have regular cycles was because of the BCP, so in all reality you don't know what a normal cycle is for you! 

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  • I was on BCP for two years and stopped taking this past Sept. also. My doc said that it could take up to a year for my cycles to get regular even though I had regular cycles before I was on BCP. She said they wont do any testing until we have been trying for a year anyway. It really sucks but you just have to wait it out. Which has been really hard for me. I swear I stare at my FF. Venting helps  GL.
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