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here's a crazy and very stupid question

And possibly gross... 

I've been suffering from pretty harsh intestinal pain and bloating the past couple of days.  TMI- this comes along with some gas and some nasty liquidy poo once a day...though not diarhea (I still don't know how to spell that word!)  Other than the intestines, I feel fine.  Nothing has been really out of the ordinary, except I ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory the other day.  I'm thinking the pain may have started before that though.

In any case, the questions is...I TTCed this week (Monday) and was wondering if this could possibly be a syptom that I will get a BFP soon?  Has anyone experienced before finding out they were pregnant?  Totally dumb question, I know...but I'm hopeful this is a sign and not just a stomach bug.  (Which, by the way...if it were a bug, it would probably be worse than this, right?)

Re: here's a crazy and very stupid question

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    Nope, can't say I experienced that before I found out I was pregnant. It sounds like it's just a GI issue like you said.  I've had something similar before, and it's passed within a couple days.

    But I hope you get a BFP this month!

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    waah! I hate to think all this pain is for no GOOD reason!
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    FWIW a friend IRL told me that her only pg symptom with #2 was similiar to what you described - GL!

    ::fingers crossed for BFP::

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