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the world needs more great LCs

i'm trying to schedule my 1st donation to an area milk bank. i'm supposed to set that up with the LC department at this hospital. i've left 3 messages (as directed on their voicemail) over the last 3 days, but nobody has returned my calls. that's just not right.

what if i was a new mama with a nursing crisis? i am so lucky i had a great LC who was responsive and available!

Re: the world needs more great LCs

  • By any chance Baylor downtown?  If you leave a message they will get back to you but if you call the retail shop directly nonLC's answer the phone and they can take down your info and let the LCs know you're coming.  But when you get prepped to wait b/c the LCs will be on the floors meeting with patients.
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  • it IS baylor. i talked with the shop, and they said i'd need to leave a msg for the LCs. hopefully someone will get back to me soon :)

    btw: your DD is SUCH a cutie pie in your siggie pic.

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