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Molar teething is going to kill us both

Ugh. The past few nights have been terrible. DS is almost 13 months and 2 molars have popped through, and two more are right under the gums. I've tried Motrin (didn't seem to make him feel ANY better) and orajel (not that great, either). I just hope they break through and he starts feeling better soon. I'm worried that the night-waking is going to become a habit, even after he's done teething. 

Re: Molar teething is going to kill us both

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    Oh boy can I relate to this!  DS just had his 15 month appt. yesterday and the pedi showed me the 2 eye teeth and 2 molars about to come through.  We are in the midst of our own teething nightmare.  To top it off, DH is OOT this whole weekend (starting yesterday) and it's just me and DS.  DS woke 2 times (usually doesn't wake at all at night).  At 5:30am, he didn't want to sleep anymore and I had to give him Motrin and rock with him for an hour before he would go back down.  I feel your pain.  But I do know my DS and he is pretty good about going back to his normal routine after something like this.  GL to you!  may we both get sleep again soon!
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    I am with you. DD would not sleep on Wednesday night unless she was sprawled across me. If I even breathed funny, she was disturbed. And she woke up for the day at 4.

    Fortunately last night was much better, but I know another one is ready to break through and the top ones haven't put in an appearance.

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    All I can say is Hyland Teething Tablets, I give 4 before bed and if she wakes up give her 4 more (good every 4 hours) and I made that a routine when she is teething bad (drooling, can see the teeth coming through), so now if she wakes up and get these she just lays back down and I can leave.  So nice, it took awhile but they must work and they are natural too!  GL!
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    We're there with you, but DD has always been a hard teether.  The one thing I keep reminding myself when I'm rocking her to sleep or getting up with her in the middle of the night is that in the past, she has gone back to her regular sleep pattern pretty quickly.  And I keep telling myself that if she doesn't we'll cross that bridge when she comes to it.
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