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What do you like/hate about where you live?

I like that we have seasons here, I find most midwest people are down to earth (seriously do not take offense if living outside of the midwest), I like that I am only 20 min away from a major city.

I hate that our summer is so short, I hate that I am not by an ocean, and I hate how expensive the housing market is here.  What $300 grand gets you here compared to other cities is just pathetic.

Please share yours!!!

Re: What do you like/hate about where you live?

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    I love the seasons, love how close we are to two major metropolitan cities (Philly and NYC), love how close we are to everything (major shopping) yet there are areas that are pure rural. You can drive in one direction and get to any shop you need, but in another direction and be in farm country.

    I hate how so many people complain about NJ yet for some reason we're still one of the most densely populated states in the US. NJ must be doing something right! I hate how we're the butt of so many jokes...but I will admit that the traffic can be baaaaad.

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    California is California, what's not to love about our weather! Plus we have it all; forest, mountains, lakes, ocean, desert.

    I hate the cost to live here tho. When I see what you girls can buy a house for I go nuts. I was born and raised here so I don't know any different tho. I hate all our crazy laws too.

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    I love that Michigan is such a diverse state - the U.P. and Northern Michigan are gorgeous! And all the coastline on the Great Lakes and the Lighthouses. I HATE the long, gray winters. And currently, the economic conditions. We've lost $100K on our house in the 4 years since we bought it. 
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    Similar to yours. I live near NYC.

    Like: seasons, being near a major city that is also an international hub (can get just about anywhere with a direct flight), one of the financial centers of the world, driving distance to the ocean and mountains, many different cultures represented in one place with people from all over the world, minimal natural disasters likely (not earthquake, volcano, hurricane prone area)

    Dislike: very high COL, lifestyle (very career driven, mostly because of the COL), summer humidity

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    I am originally from MI and I love love love it there. We lived on the water almost all of my life and I was in a cute boating town which was nice but I was also only about 15 min from all the major stores. I love having seasons and spending my summers on the lake. I love that Michiganders know how to drive especially in the snow and that 75 is the speed limit on all the highways. I love Olgas which is a midwest deal and I PPH Faygo , Bettermade, and Morelys candy!

    I HATE NJ with a passion. I am not here by choice my DH is in the military and we want out. I have yet to meet a decent person from NJ outside of the base in RL (nothing against the bumpies from here as you guys have been nice to me on here) I kid you not, everytime I have left the base to go out and do something I have either almost gotten hit or run off the road. The drivers here are rude as all heck. And I can't stand the stupid turn around deals here to turn....I want my Michigan lefts back damn it! We were in NC before this and it wasn't bad...I missed the fall and the snow but it was nice to brag about how warm it was in March

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    I hate the long summers and the conservative tea baggers. I like Texas because it's Texas, and I like hurricane season (disclaimer: I don't like it when hurricanes hit poor places and destroy people and their uninsured or irreplaceable things). I l also like the low cost of living and the fattening food.
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    I'm in Southern California and I love it.  The weather is great.  We can drive in any direction and within 1 - 2 hours be at the beach, mountains, snow, etc.

    I do not like the high cost of living and the traffic.

    I'm moving to Seattle in 3 weeks so I'm kind of sad to leave, but a little excited about the new adventure.

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    I don't like the majority of the people and I don't like that we we really don't have seasons.  We have one long@ss summer, then a couple of months of cooler weather.  

    I'm much more of a mountain than beach person.  I'd LOVE to live in CO!   

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    I love where I live because my city is beautiful and just the right size.  We have pleanty of stuff going on, but its still small enough to be family friendly and the traffic is rarely horrible. 

    I am close to the mountains and tons of lakes and only a few hours away from great beaches.  We have all four seasons, but wonderful long hot summers.  I love warm weather so the heat of July and August really don't bother me.  The cost of living is pretty low so you can get a lot of house for your money.  And in general, most of the people here are super friendly and will go out of their way to help you if you need it. 

    One of the things that I do hate is that I enounter ignorance and racisim way more than when I lived farther north and since we are in the Bible Belt there are always plenty of people who feel like they need to shove their religion down your throat.  But in general I love where I live. 

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    I like being close to the mountains. I like all the nice weather. I like the lack of humidity and that my hair is never a HUGE frizzball like it was last week when we were in FL. I like all the outdoor activities and national parks nearby.

    I don't like the small yards, houses so close to each other & higher COL than what I grew up with, having to water all the time, lack of green grass and tall trees, being far from my family, huge towns instead of smaller communities, and the school systems. And the traffic and drivers and atrocious snow removal.?


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    I'm in the Twin Cities. I love the seasons. I love living in a mid-sized metro area with pretty much all the conveniences of a big city (theatre, museums, restaurants, entertainment, activities, shopping) but scaled down. I love that my area is pretty liberal, open minded, politically progressive and eco-friendly. I love the history of my area, the architecture of the city. I love our school district and the opportunities it's got for my kids. People are generally pretty nice.

    I hate how long the winter gets. Traffic sucks; drivers are terrible. POTHOLES- need I say more? Even though it's MCOL, things are somewhat more expensive here than in lots of other Midwestern cities compared to salary. People who grew up here can be somewhat clique-y and it can be hard for transplants and those who didnt grow up in this area to break in to social circles- most of our friends are still close to the friends they had in HS (we are not).

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    I love the weather here.  My mood is heavily affected by the sun, so I've been constantly happy since I moved here.  I love living on the water.  I could never live inland.  The sound of the waves is so calming.

    I hate that there is no decent city nearby and the lack of diversity, but both can be solved with travel.  I foresee ever wanting to move in the near future.

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