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NYC-Area Moms: Opinions on the "Right Age" to TTC?

We?re looking for NYC-area moms who took different routes. Whether you chose to have your first child earlier in life (i.e. 20s) or later in life (i.e. late 30s/40s)? we want to hear your opinion.

Fertility issues aside, we all know people have their reasons for why they choose to have a baby when they do?maybe you wanted to establish financial security, maybe you and your partner were just ?ready??whatever it is, we want to know! We?d also love to hear your thoughts on how it has affected your career (positively or negatively).

If you live in the NYC metro area, and are willing to share your story with a national morning TV show, please email the following information to [email protected] asap:

Your Name:
Your Contact Info (daytime/evening numbers, email address):
Your Age:
Your City, State:
What Age Did You Have Your First Baby:
How Do You Feel About When You Had Your First Baby (i.e. wasn?t ideal, but made it work; wish I had baby at a younger age, etc.):
If You Work(ed), How Do You Think Motherhood Affected Your Career:

*Please include a low-res picture of yourself.


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