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please recommend your OB/midwife in VA beach!

A good friend of mine lives in Virginia Beach and she is very unhappy with her OB practice. Can anyone recommend a good OB and/or midwife practice?  She wants a more personalized touch than what she's currently getting.


Re: please recommend your OB/midwife in VA beach!

  • 828 Healthy Way, Suite 330
    Virginia Beach VA 23462

    For my first child I went to Tidewater Physicians for Women and I saw Dr. Morgan. The docotrs and staff were wonderful!!! I delivered at Sentara Leigh and loved it as well. Hope that helps :)

  • I delivered at Sentera Leigh and use Dr. Coltrin a couple of office buildings over.  She and her practice are very friendly and remember who you are.  I'll be sad to loose her when I move.
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  • When I lived in VB I went to Complete Women's Care and saw Dr. Levin as my gyno.  I would have trusted anyone in that office to be my OB if I was still there.



  • I go to Dr. Francine Olds.  She is a solo-practitioner and delivers at Sentara Virginia Beach General.  I started at Complete Women's Care, and much like your friend, was very unhappy with the lack of personalized service.  I did not like that each time I went, the new Dr. I saw did not know what had happened to me at the appointment before.  Dr. Olds sees you at every appointment.  She only has one nurse, and two office staff members.  They all know you, even when you call in and give your name.  I could not be happier.  
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  • Dr. Spruiell and Dr. Roberts office.  They are both great Dr.'s!  I have had 2 prior surgery's done by their office (one by each doctor).  I was told I might not be able to have children due to those surgery's, but because of them I am now 13 weeks pregnant! :)
  • I agree with Dr. Olds, she is my OB.  You have to wait for her from time to time but it is very personal.  As a first time Mom I wanted to see only one Doctor and not a group.  She also delivered 2 of my firends children and they loved her as well.
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