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The stomach bug... please shoot me!

My twins have had the stomach bug which I thought was supposed to last about 48 hours - FOR ONE WEEK!  I may possibly lose my mind.  They go to daycare so get little bugs here and there occasionally but they have never lasted this long!  We sent them back to daycare today after a week at home (with my husband and I taking time off of work) and daycare just called and said one of them is throwing up again.  We took one of them to the doctors the other day and they just said it was a normal bug and it is going around and will run its course. 

Has anyone seen a bug last this long?!!?  What can we do to help make it disappear??????

Re: The stomach bug... please shoot me!

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    Sorry to hear that your twins are sick.  Stomach bugs are no fun at all.  When DD had the bug about a month ago, the pediatrician did tell us that it can last up to 7-10 days.  Luckily DD didn't have it for that long...I hope your babies will feel better soon!
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    I had one that affected more the lower half of the GI tract (sorry for the TMI there) and it went on for over a week for me. =(  So yeah, they can go on for awhile.  Poor things, I hope they get better soon!  I am still recovering from the latest one I got...I think my DD was spared this time (which is odd, since she is always the one bringing stuff home!).
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