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WWYD Regarding throwing food

Kaitlyn throws her food to the floor - puffs, cheerios, crunchies, whatever. It's not when she's done/full, it's simply to see what happens and to stare at it on the floor. I know she's learning cause/effect and I'm trying not to react but there are times I'll say "please don't throw your food" and she'll blatantly stare at me and toss it, looking for a reaction.  I'm not sure she understands "no" and "don't". How am I supposed to deal with this?

Re: WWYD Regarding throwing food

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    Say it once, and then try to ignore it as much as you can for now.  When she gets a little older, she'll understand.  At that point, just take whatever she's throwing away.  That's what I'm having to do with DS now.  He's 15.5 mos old now. 
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    If you figure it out, please let me know. LOL Stas does it less and less, but still goes through some meals pitching everything over the edge. I've heard not giving the food back teaches them to stop, but who knows?
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    I tried to really reinforce when he did say or sign *all done* instead of throwing his food.  Even if he had only had a small amount to eat if he told or signed to me that he was done I got him out of his chair and made sure to show him I was happy he had done it.  I also tried to ignore the food throwing and just redirect or take it as a sign he was done eating.
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    1st time she gets a stern "no, don't throw food".  2nd time she gets the food taken away and another "no, don't throw food".  Wait like 30 seconds.  Give food back and we tell her "eat".  Usually works.  If she keeps throwing then we take away food for rest of the meal- if it's toward the end of the meal and I think she's throwing because she's bored then I don't offer her anymore food, it's it is toward the beginning of the meal then I would feed her or just give her smaller portions at a time.  We did this early on and it worked well, she hasn't thrown food in like 3 months.
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